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How do other companies collaborate with startups? What are some of the best practices to make the collaboration a true success? A collection of cases and best practices can be found here, to inspire you and to help you develop the best possible solution for your company!

Is collaboration with startups essential to your overall growth- and innovation strategy of your organization? Does your Board of Management support and encourage collaboration with startups?

DSM: Focus by defining innovation themes

DSM has a multi-year strategy process in place with clear objectives to protect the company from ad-hoc opportunistic behaviour.This Corporate Strategic Dialogue is translated into an innovation strategy, in which a clear distinction is made between accelerating innovations within the current business and investing in new and innovative growth options outside the scope of DSM. The innovation strategy contains innovation themes and through the DSM Incubator and Emerging Business Areas DSM builds long term growth platforms for new business outside the current scope. 

The Incubator screens novel opportunities and turns the most promising opportunities into platform for growths. The three EBA’s are not single projects but portfolios of internal and external new business initiatives around the selected innovation platforms. The Incubators and EBA’s also provide a window to the market to spot new opportunities in the market.The three EBA's (innovation platforms) are DSM Biomedical, DSM Bio-based Products & Services and DSM Advanced Solar.

Collaboration with startups are an integral part the innovation strategy of DSM and due to clear innovations themes the startup community knows what DSM is interested in. DSM also actively approaches startups. A good example is the Innovation Partnering Conference ‘Connecting Bright Innovations 2017’ on 19 and 20 September. September DSM invites food & biotech entrepreneurs who have an interesting proposition related to the theme ‘enabling better food for everyone’ to pitch.

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